Residential building

Niska Street, Kraków

The investment is located on ul. Niska and consists of four repetitive segments, in which a total of 12 two-bedroom apartments have been designed. The scale of the building relates to the overall dimensions the neighboring buildings of Krowodrza district.

Project: 2014
Completed: 2015
Area: 1.200 m2
Client: private investor

Range of services:
Architectural design concept
Building permit design
Construction design

Project team:
Piotr Knez
Przemysław Tabor

In cooperation with:
structural engineering – Biuro Konstrukcyjne Łukasz Zatorowski i Piotr Wolarek
mechanical engineering (HVAC) – Bartłomiej Rossa
sanitary engineering (water and waste) – Bartłomiej Rossa
electrical engineering – Zdzisław Chudy