Construction of the B Building of the PODIUM PARK investment is in progress

date: 25.06.2019

The construction of the second stage of the Podium Park investment is in progress. At present, the diaphragm walls of the garage in the B building are being made. Fabet Konstrukcje is responsible for the shell implementation.

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Building Permit for OSTOJA estate

date: 11.05.2019

We have obtained another final building permit decision! The complex of single-family houses will be implemented in Grzepnica, close to Szczecin, under the name ‘Osiedle OSTOJA’. It consists of 78 semi-detached and terraced single-family buildings with sports and recreational areas. This intimate residential real estate is located right at the mouth of the Oder river, on its left bank, in the vicinity of the Świdwie reserve and the Wkrzańska Forest. It will be implemented using MABUDO Eco wall prefabrication technology.

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We are celebrating our fourth birthday!

date: 20.05.2019

In May we always celebrate the anniversary of foundation of our architectural office. This year we went on a two-day trip to the mountains. We consider this time together to be very successful!

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date: 18.04.2019

URBA Architects wishes all our investors and colleagues happy Easter! May those days be surrounded by the spring nature awakening to life and full of joy, hope and wonderful meetings with the loved ones!

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Winning SIKA CUP 2019

date: 30.03.2019

We return from the SIKA Cup 2019 ski championships in Madonna Di Campiglio with a medal for the first place in the women’s slalom, won by Anna Knez!

BREEAM Awards 2019 Gala

date: 04.03.2019

Once again, we had a great pleasure to participate in the BREEAM AWARDS gala that took place on March 4th, 2019 in London. Our project – Turyn Office with the Design Stage certificate, level OUTSTANDING – was nominated in the category ‘Regional Award – Central and Eastern Europe’.

Green Building Tour in the PODIUM PARK

date: 31.01.2019

We were very pleased to be a host for Green Building Tour in the Podium Park building in Krakow. The ‘Green Building Tour’ workshops, organized by PLGBC – Polish Green Building Council, are a part of the project called ‘Experience the Green Building’. We hope that the trip was successful. Thank you all for being a great part of this trip and see you next time!

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Christmas Time 2018

date: 21.12.2018

From the Christmas table we wish to all our Clients, Associates and Friends beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Presentation of the CASTLE MOUTAIN revitalization project in PAN

date: 18.12.2018

During the meeting of the Militaris Architecture Section, organized by the Urban Planning and Architecture Commission of the Kraków department of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a presentation entitled “Castle and the Lanckorona fortress – UNESCO site – protection and revalorization routes” was given. Piotr Knez, as one of the speakers, talked about the revitalization project of Castle Mountain prepared by our design team.

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date: 14.12.2018

Today, a nationwide competition for the development of a prefabricated housing system, organized by PFR Nieruchomości S.A, was resolved. Our project – in cooperation with GSBK office for structural design and the prefabrication factory of MABUDO Zduńska Wola – received an award of distinction!

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Students visiting Podium Park

date: 16.10.2018

This was a fantastic experience – after the construction of Podium Park office complex A tower in Krakow, we gave a tour to the students from the Architecture Department at the Cracow University of Technology from the Chair of Architecture of Work and Recreation headed by prof. dr hab. Eng. arch. Maciej Złowodzki. During the two-hour walk around the building, we talked about functional and spatial solutions, construction and installation as well as aspects of BREEAM certification.

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Office trip to Bamberg

date: 15.10.2018

Thanks to the invitation of the RZB company, we had the opportunity to participate in training on various aspects related to lighting design. It took place at the company’s headquarters, where we visited laboratories and a luminaires factory. In addition, we had the opportunity to take a walk in the city of Bamberg and the Steigerwald National Park.
It was a very intense end of the week!

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The construction of the Water Treatment Plant in Wieliczka begins

date: 28.08.2018

Another one of our projects is going to be built soon. In the second half of September, the first construction stage of the Water Treatment Plant in Wieliczka will begin. The investment goal is to develop its own underground drinking water intake system accompanied by modern water treatment and softening technologies. The project includes a complex of technical buildings and an office building as well as land management services.

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Building Use Permit for PODIUM PARK

date: 01.08.2018

Building A of the PODIUM PARK office complex has been granted a building use permit! This will be a really good space to work …
For the best comfort of future users, the interior of the canteen and the fitness zone, which we have also designed, will soon be implemented. Please stay in touch and check our FB funpage.

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The NAVY under the BEST WESTER PREMIER brand

date: 17.05.2018

It’s official! Our latest design – the NAVY hotel in Świnoujście will be operating under the Best Western Premier brand! The 4 * standard facility, located in the immediate vicinity of a Spa Park, will house 275 guest rooms, 2 restaurants, a conference and banquet area for 300 people, a lounge and business zone as well as a wellness area with swimming pools, saunas, a gym and treatment rooms and wellness rejuvenation therapy.

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date: 15.05.2018

We are pleased to announce that our project in collaboration with Mabudo Zduńska Wola was awarded the first distinction in the model single-family house competition organised by BGK Nieruchomości S.A.

Conservation Permit for the Lanckorona Fortress revitalization

date: 12.04.2018

We have obtained the final conservation permit for the revitalization of the Lanckorona Fortress. The restoration of the magnificence Castle Hill opens symbolically in 2018, which is the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence and the 250th anniversary of the outbreak of the Bar Confederation.

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date: 30.03.2018

URBA Architects wishes all our investors and colleagues Happy Easter, spring outside the window, rest and wonderful moments in the company of loved ones!

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Elevation of PODIUM PARK on completion

date: 29.03.2018

Works on the elevation of Podium Park building A are coming to an end. We are just waiting for the glass façade on the ground floor and the connector.

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BREEAM Awards 2018 Gala

date: 06.03.2018

During the Ecobuild expo in London, we were invited to the BREEAM Awards 2018 Gala. Podium Park has been nominated in two categories for obtaining a BREEAM outstanding certificate.

Interiors of LUNETA luneta presented in ARCHITEKTURA MURATOR

date: 20.02.2018

About our design – interiors of the Krakow LUNETA hostel realized in the Luneta Warszawska Fort – writes the Architektura Murator magazine.

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Fort LUNETA WARSZAWSKA included in the Krakow Municipal Revitalization Programme

date: 16.01.2018

The revitalization project of Fort Luneta Warszawska has been qualified for the Municipal Krakow Revitalization Program. We hope that in the next years it will be possible to renovate the ground floor of Redita in order to implement offices (coworking), a restaurant as well as a museum inside the embankment.

info @ Gazeta Krakowska
Fort Luneta Warszawska Foundation


date: 15.12.2017

Podium Park has been nominated to BREEAM AWARDS 2018..!!

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Short lesson about architecture

date: 28.11.2017

URBA Architects teaching the next generation. A short lesson and workshops about housing and urban design were conducted by Kasia and Maciej Kronenberg.
The childrens creativity and natural skills are astonishing! Workshop conclusion: People need a beautiful public space more than pretty buildings – Simlpe, isn’t it? 

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Building Permit for URBA FUTURA Kraków

date: 25.10.2017

We have obtained another final building permit decision. This time it concerns the intimate Urba Futura project at Kołaczkowskiego street in Krakow. The investment consist of 19 single-family terraced houses where each of them has its own garden and garage. Thanks to all that – especially for young families – those houses are an attractive alternative to flats in the city center.

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SKOWRONIA housing complex, stage IV - construction has started

date: 20.10.2017

Another construction has started! Construction work on the fourth stage of the Skowronia Housing Estate in Wola Duchacka in Krakow has begun. The five buildings will house 75 apartments. The aboveground part will be implemented based on modern prefabrication technology of storey partitions and walls, using architectural concrete to finish the main part of the building facade.

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Concrete structure of PODIUM PARK, builing A is completed

date: 25.09.2017

We are celebrating the completion of the highest construction element of the 1st stage of Podium Park investment by hanging a symbolic ‘perch’ decoration on its top floor! We encourage you to watch the video and read the article.

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Building Permit for PARK PLAZA Szczecin

date: 08.09.2017

Our project of a 14-storey Park Plaza office building in the center of Szczecin has obtained the final building permit decision.

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date: 04.09.2017

We are so happy that again we were able to join in on the ‘cheerfully back to school’ campaign – Cheerfully Back to School is organized by the ‘Daleko Więcej/Far more’ Association. New school year – backpacks full of colorful notebooks, crayons, pens and other things that every child needs at school …

Thank you to Robin Schep for including us in this campaign!

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Stowarzyszenie DW website

Diploma project of MICHAŁ DANISZEWSKI in Inspirelli Awards competition

date: 31.08.2017

Michał Daniszewski’s diploma project fights for the prize in the Inspirelli Awards competition. We keep our fingers crossed and we encourage you to vote!

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We are celebrating our second birthday!

date: 16.05.2017

It’s been 2 years now! Our birthday was celebrated in Katowice – the trip started with a tour of Nikiszowiec, followed by the trails of contemporary architecture and finally in the evening we enjoyed a concert at NOSPR (National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra), which was part of the ‘Culture Nature’ festival…

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Nomination for ASIA PACH

date: 24.04.2017

We are proud to announce, that Joanna Pach has qualified to the final of the BDA-SARP-Award (Polish-German Integration Award) for her diploma “Fade Away_Cementery 2.0”. Congratulations!

info on SARP website

MSc. Arch

date: 20.04.2017

Yesterday, two of our team members have completed their Masters degree. Congratulations to Sandra and Michał!

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date: 14.04.2017

To all our investors and co-workers, we wish you a Happy Easter! We hope spring will show itself outside your windows and will fill your days with sunshine at this unique time of reflection and relaxation!

BREEAM Oustanding for Podium Park

date: 11.04.2017

We are proud to announce that our office has participated in obtaining a Design Stage BREEAM Outstanding certification for the project PodiumPark office building complex in Krakow, making it one of the most sustainable building complex of its type in Europe. We thank our interdisciplinary partners – OSET, ZAPART Projekt and INTROINSTAL for a successful cooperation.

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We have a new office!

date: 03.02.2017

Since February, URBA Architects studio is located at Kamienna Street 43b no. 5.

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date: 01.23.2017

The VII Ski Competition for Architects was held in Szczyrk on the 20th till 22nd January 2017. At the top of Skrzyczne our participants Sandra Kołaczek, Kamil Kuligowski and Marcin Stós fought for a place on the podium… We will prepare for next year.

We thank AERECO VENTILATION sp. z o.o. for the invitation!

PODIUM PARK - construction has started

date: 30.12.2016

The construction of the first tower has started.

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development website
press info published by CBRE


date: 23.12.2016

To all our clients and collaborators, URBA architects wish you a peaceful and merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year!

Construction of the new ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKA MEDICAL CHAMBER office has started

date: 30.09.2016

With the onset of autumn, the construction of a new Medical Association headquarters in Kielce has started. The building will be located at the foot of the ‘Telegraf’ hill. It will be part of an administrative and service complex, which will include a new district office that has already been opened in the neighbourhood, the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management as well as a branch of the National Health Fund awaits its realization. Completion of the raw building shell is scheduled for January next year. The entire facility will be transferred to employees of the medical chamber at the beginning of 2017.

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more information on the project on the Kielce Medical Association website
more information on the project in the media


date: 01.09.2016

We are very happy that we were able to join in on the ‘cheerfully back to school’ campaign – Cheerfully Back to School is organized by the ‘Daleko Więcej/Far more’ Association, which co-operates with the Municipal Social Welfare Centre branch No. 3 in Cracow and helps families that are most in need to equip their little ones for the new school year. The aim of this campaign is to send as many children as possible with a backpack full of stationery to school at the beginning of September.

Thank you to Robin Schep for including us in this campaign!

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We are celebrating our first birthday!

date: 10.06.2016

We are pleased to announce that in May, a year has passed since the official launch of our architectural adventure as URBA Architects. We are pleased that we can constantly develop on the experience we have gathered in some of the best Polish architectural studios and abroad. New design challenges, the materialization of our ideas and a constantly expanding team of architects and interior designers bring us an indescribable satisfaction.

MICHAŁ DANISZEWSKI as one of the winners of the LONDON INTERNET MUSEUM competition

date: 10.06.2016

We are pleased to announce that Michał Daniszewski received the third prize in an international architectural competition for the design of the Internet Museum in London, organized by Bee Breeders. Michał’s project proposes a new landmark in this part of town – next to North Woolwich Station, a sizable hologram is a representation of what is hidden beneath the surface. This idea has been recognized by the jury for an accurate functional transposition of the museum in the statue of the Internet technology and digitization – it is monumental and elusive at the same time.

URBA architects are congratulating!

more about the competition and Michał’s project here
more about the organizer here
information on ArchDaily


date: 20.05.2016

The construction and maintenance work for the first floor of “Luneta Warszawska”, for the adaptation into a youth hostel is slowly coming to an end. 13 rooms and 3 fortress cell apartments as well as a spacious communal dining room with an area of 120m2 will be available for guests.

more about the project here
visit the website of Luneta Hostel
read about Dr. Krzysztof Wielgus on Krakow’s fortifications and our project here

EXETER - new headquarters for CROWDCUBE

date: 25.02.2016

On 16-18 February 2016 a study trip was organized to Exeter (England) in which design workshops were conducted to identify the basic requirements of functionality, space and architecture for Crowdcube’s new headquarters, which is the world’s leading crowdfunding platform. Together with the investors advisory staff, a financial analysis was carried out of the building project which is assumed to be located within the Exeter Science Park, where the whole investment area of 68,770 m2 is included in a detailed site development plan. This will be our next project, which will be certified with BREEAM Excellent.

more information about the Exeter Science Park here


date: 10.12.2015

In November of 2015 a series of project workshops were held, which aim was to develop an educational concept of a park (Park Reduta) together with the residents of Krakow. A green area with an area of nearly 8ha is located between Prądnik Czerwony and Mistrzejowice and directly adjacent to the planned group of river parks around the Sudoł Dominican stream. All of the 6 proposals developed in a the so-called participatory design process were available to choose from through an online voting poll, so that Cracow’s residents are able to choose the project that they believe best meets the needs of the residents of many housing estates adjacent to this area. Among the tutors was a representative of our office – Anna Knez.

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(collage by arch. Wojciech Gawinowski)


date: 30.06.2015

On May 26, 2015, design workshops were organized together with the Norwegian studio Snøhetta, that were devoted to a detailed analysis and feasibility study for POWERHOUSE, which is a complex of 3 office buildings in Krakow. The result of our work is a series of innovative architectural and technical solutions that pave the way to sustainable design, also in the case of commercial buildings.

more infromation here