Fort “Luneta Warszawska”

Rehabilitation of Fortu 12 (Bastion IVa) “Luneta Warszawska”

Kamienna Street, Kraków

The fort, whose original name reads Luneta nr 12 przy Drodze Warszawskiej, is one of the most precious examples of Poland’s polygonal fortification. It is the oldest kept element of the Austrian Cracow Fortress and the site of national remembrance. Thus, it has unquestionable historical value and great aesthetic potential. However, the facility is neglected and damaged, especially in the area of three caponiers.
The Investor intends the restore the magnificence of this monument through its transformation, upgrade and adaptation to new roles. As part of the program concept, the building’s interior will be adapted to serve as offices for small companies which begin their activities, hotels, café and restaurant.

Project: 2015
Area: 2.500m2
Client: Fundation Fort Luneta Warszawska

Range of services:
Programme concept design
Multidisciplinary interior design

Project team:
Anna Knez
Katarzyna Kronenberg
Mateusz Maj
Natalia Dyczkowska
Piotr Knez


Press info:
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